Monday, June 25, 2012

The Last Days... Surely!

Still here.
Still pregnant.
39+ weeks.
It's Ok!
I went 41 weeks with Bunny.
I am excited for Squirrely.
I am enjoying these last days.
Everything is ready.
I am ready!

The "traditional" Monday belly shot!

The last days of having only one nursling.

The curls!
Wonder if Squirrely will have curls?
Blue eyes or hazel?
Dark hair or blonde?
I can hardly wait to meet her!

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  1. Oh, I keep asking myself the same questions! Will it be dark hair or red? Brown eyes or green? And mostly, Boy or girl? But I have to say, I am reveling in the suspense.

    Will you nurse both your babes, or is Bunny's interest waning? I always thought it would be fun to nurse tandem!

    1. Bunny loves her nursies! So I imagine I will be tandem nursing for a good while. I had hoped to! Bunny talks about sharing nursies... but mostly wishes she could nurse Squirrely! I think she thinks we are having this baby for her... so she can have a baby of her very own :) This could prove interesting!

  2. I miss having little ones. Nursing was such a special moment that can't be recaptured once it's gone. Enjoy! Keep us posted on your progress!

  3. AAAHHHH!! You are so close! How exciting! Her girls are so cute!!!

  4. So exciting! Take good care and rest up. Life with two is very, very different from life with one;)

  5. Very cool! I pray the last weeks go well for you!


  6. So exciting that you are so close!!!

    Beautiful belly shot; maybe it will be the last.

    And those curls are absolutely beautiful; I have one straight-haired girl, and one curly!