Saturday, July 21, 2012

Babymoon ~ Herb Walk

The Hubs got off of work early yesterday, so we decided to go hunt up some Jewel Weed, since our frozen stash was destroyed during the power outage a couple of weeks ago.

Bunny and her doll got a ride on Papa's shoulders.

Squirrley got a ride in the ring sling we borrowed from my sister, Meagan, until the one I ordered gets here in a couple of days. I am pretty sure Squirrely liked it.

We had to stop for a few berries along the way.

And a few kisses.

We found the Jewel Weed.

And spotted a ton of Comfrey that I am sure we will be going back for soon.

When we got home, Bunny and Papa worked a puzzle.

I got Squirrley nursed up, then cut up and bagged the Jewel Weed to freeze.

Now the next time one of us gets into itchy Poison Ivy, all we have to do is reach in our freezer for fast relief. The juice of the stem is a quick cure.

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  1. That's good to know about Jewel Weed helping poison ivy! How did you learn so much about herbs?
    You are out hiking around fast. And that Squirrelly little it!

    1. I have a few herb books that I refer to a good bit. The Jewel Weed tip was actually given to The Hubs by the doctor who did his phisical for work. The doc said that his mom used to to use it on him when he was little. Usually I just google natural cures for whatever issue we are having, then hunt it down...

      I am amazed with how good I feel after Squirrely's birth. I didn't feel this good after Bunny till well into a couple of months. Homebirth rocks!

  2. Oh I am so in love with Squirrely's little face in that sling. Fabulous shot (and I'm not at all broody - honest!)

  3. A great adventure and I've learned something new too! Thanks for linking up to Country Kids

  4. I just adore the sling photo. Beautiful

  5. Love the nature walk photos! Makes me wish it wasn't so hot here so we could go on a nature walk too! Also, what's your best/recommended baby-wearing method for a 20 pound one year old? I have a moby and a Mai Tei. I am thinking of trying using the Mai Tei to wear my littlest on my back...

  6. I knew that you could use Jewel weed but I didn't know it could be frozen. Great tip! Thanks!

  7. Oh congratulations on your beautiful little one!! Gorgeous photos, smiling already!? And well done to you getting out for walks already :-)

  8. the slow walks in the woods during the first few weeks of post delivery were some of my favorites! looks like you and your family are enjoying them too. thank you for linking up!

  9. What a great day. It's building good family relationship.