Monday, October 22, 2012

All Year Round Blog Carnival: Autumn: October 21st


It is so much fun to co-host the Autumn Edition of the All Year Round Blog Carnival, hosted by SunnyDayTodayMama.  Every day new ideas, crafts, recipes are being added to the list! Each week, I hope to highlight a few of my favorite ideas!

I was instantly attracted to the cute brown paper bags that Little Homeschool Blessings used for her Fall Picnic!  I think our playschool children would love a little picnic like this!

Momma's Fun World had a sweet apple project that is definitely getting pinned for future use!

Little Wonders' Days shared a Web Hunt Walk... what a great addition to a spider study!!

We love all things lavender around here, so For What It's Worth's Lavendar Pecan Cookies sure sound good to us!  (of course we will have to buy pecans since we are not blessed with them growing here!)

Simple and Joyful's Discovering Seeds post sooo reminds me of my childhood homeschooling days.  We would take fall walks looking for various seed pods to break apart, toss in the air and yell "seed dispersal"!  Our favorites were milkweed pods... what fun! What playful learning!

Be sure to check out the entire Autumn Carnival.  You will be inspired, I promise!
Then come back and link up your creations, activities, books, whatever fall ideas you enjoy!
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  1. Thanks for featuring me! I love this blog carnival.

  2. Thanks for featuring our web hunt walk. The kids are still looking for webs and spiders each morning! I love your features!

  3. Thanks so much Hannah! What a great bunch of activities you have!