Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crafting Along With needle and thREAD

The NO sewing, NO book reading kind of Crafting Along With needle and thREAD...
(we all have these weeks, right?)

On our latest trip to the fabric store, I let Bunny pick out some fabric in hopes that she will actually want to wear something I make for her.

 I honestly expected to walk out of the store with nothing but pink, pink, and more pink.
Surprisingly, Bunny's choices were very much to my taste... 

Well, except for the sparkly blue... 

Any ideas of what I should make with that?

As for the reading.  lots and lots and lots of children's books.

And lots and lots of blogs. on birth. motherhood. breasteeding. positive parenting. crafts of all sorts. simple living.  Oh and Pinterest.  And these two blogs... of my "blog partners"...


  1. I'm sure that owl fabric will turn into something lovely!

  2. What line is that awesome owl fabric? I love it! Can't wait to see what it becomes!

    1. Would you believe it is flannel from Joanne's... that I got for $2.99 a yard... all of it is.

  3. Those fabrics are super cool. I don't know what you could make with the blue...maybe something plain like pants or a cute top.