Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh, The Adventures to Come!

After many months of researching and comparing options.  Then several more months of scouring the classifieds. We finally found the perfect (well, perfect for us anyway) pop up camper on Craig's List. 

A 1974 Apache Ramada
Vintage, Baby!

I saw the ad and called the guy right away. He was really nice
and told me all about buying the camper and fixing it up. 

Dad and The Hubs drove up the next day to get it.
(Thanks again, Dad!)

As soon as The Hubs called and said they were on their way home with it,
I started prepping Bunny.  We looked at pics online (she picked out what bed she wanted to sleep in) and talked about going camping.  

There is still a lot of little things to be fixed.
We are hoping to work on it slowly and have it in tip top condition the spring.
I do love a good project.

We are all pretty excited about the prospective adventures that lay ahead.

Stay tuned for camper updates...

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  1. Oh what fun! We used to camp in a pop-up when I was a teen. I think it's a great family investment!

  2. Awesome! You need to go to Philpot. They have a great camp ground there and it's not crazy crowded since the Army Corp of Engineers own houses.

    1. Philpott lake is near Basset VA. It is GORGEOUS! There are great camp ground, fishing and swimming, etc. Here's a website:

      We haven't been in a while, but I do love it.

  3. how exciting! we've always been tent campers for years, but a few years ago my parents gave us their pop-up. we love it! i find it so easy with the little ones. you guys are going to have so much fun in it, i look forward to seeing the adventures! ps- i can't tell by the pictures but if you are in need of a new canvas for it we used and they were great to work with.

    1. Actually, the reason we decided to go with an Apache, is that there is no canvas... The hard sides are ABS plastic. Thanks anyway :)

  4. Have you joined our Facebook groups? & Apache love!