Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I am very excited to be a part of a BRAND NEW linky party!  My friend and neighbor, Lindsey of Apple of Mama's Eye blog, suggested we start a linky party!  We both love to create (sewing, crafting, cooking...) and we both LOVE to save $$ and live simply.  She created Thrifty Thursday and I am happy to be a part of it! 

Now here is the bittersweet part of this:  We have been neighbors (as in live about 1/8 mile from each other) for many years, in both our single and married lives, and she was even a childhood friend of The Hubs before my family moved to the neighborhood.. (YES The Hubs was pretty much "the boy next door" for me), AND we both have two year old little girls, AND we attend the same church and young mama's life group AND we planned to homeschool together.... She is MOVING. Soon. Sigh. Her hubby re-enlisted with the Army and they will soon be off on a new adventure.  Soooooo this linky is a way for the two of us to stay in touch and "hang out together" each week!

I didn't have time this week to make anything thrifty since we have had some big changes in our little family (I will blog soon about that!) So I am showing off my very first sewing project, from September 2011, with my yardsale sewing machine!!
~Sew Simple~
After one long, stressful, confusing evening of learning how to use my second hand Singer Simple sewing machine, I finally figured it out (thanks to some facebook friends who replied to my desperate post). It works like a dream. I have been coming up with new things I want to sew. A pillow case dress for Bunny has always been at the top of the list. I had two cute pillow cases that I bought at a yard sale. So I used them to learn. When she found out I had two matching ones, my 14 year old sister, Katie, begged me to make her and Bunny a matching shirt and dress. Katie is the only 14 year old I know who would want to match a toddler, and I lover her for that. So, after a trip to Joanne's Fabric, I spent a nap time and a late night figuring it all out. Finally around 11:00pm they were finished. It was really easy once you figure out what to do.


In Katie's awesomeness, she insisted they wear them to church to show them off.

The next day, I made another dress for Bunny.
 I couldn't find a pillowcase I liked, so I just sewed my own out some fabric I loved.
I used 1/2 a yard of fabric. This makes it big enough to last Bunny for at least a couple of years.

 I am pretty excited to finally know how to sew some. The Hubs picked out some camo fabric at the store and has been begging me to make Bunny a camo dress, so I guess that is next. I have decided that sewing will be part of Bunny's homeschooling when she is older. Katie is wanting me to teach her too. It is really a great skill to have and the savings can be remarkable. I spent about a grand total of less than $8 for all three pieces. Pretty cheap for such cute clothes!

On to the PARTY!!



  1. That's funny. I started the idea of Thrifty Thursday on my blog a few weeks ago.

    1. Great minds think alike, I guess! We goggled it and it seems to be kinda common. I do hope you come link up with us each week, so we can all share n the thriftiness together.

  2. I sure will link up! I like you ideas a bit better than what I was thinking too. Maybe you won't mind me adding a button to my blog to help promote your link up party once it takes off in a few weeks?

  3. I absolutely love these dresses. They are so cute. I am hoping to have a girl this time around so that I can try creating some dresses.
    Have a great weekend!!!
    Bismah @