Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crafting Along With Needle And thREAD

Tree buttons that Papa Elf made.

This week has been jam packed full of craftiness.
Elfing, if you will.
So many things being made in preparation for Christmas.

Loving this fabric and these sweet little fairies starring at me while I work.

I have taken on the task of sew the girls' Christmas dresses. Using my favorite dress tutorial. I have made this type of dress nearly a dozen times. However, a new challenge presented itself as Bunny is now much too big for the measurements given. And Squirrley is still much too small. I had to come up with my own. Bunny's turned out great, but Squirrely's was a bit too tight. So I learned a new trick to expand it just enough to fit well.

Diamond added to the armpit for more room.

Now I just need to add some ribbon and they will be ready for Christmas.

Along with elfing, we have also been busy fighting colds. I have been reading up on all my natural remedies in an attempt to nip these sniffles in the bud.

You might notice that this picture was taken with the book laying on my carpeted floor.
That would be because we have been spending quite a bit of time sitting on the floor these days.
All of us.

Yay for little sister! Sitting at 5 months 10 days!


  1. Oh, I can't believe she is sitting! And your dresses sound like they are coming out just perfect!

  2. What sweet fabric! Look forward to seeing the finished dresses. Happy Elving!

  3. I love the fabric for the girls' dresses. I found an easy to make pattern on It's actually a nightgown pattern but would work just as well for a day dress. It covers size 12m to 7 years.