Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Enchanted Childhood Playschool ~ January 21st-25th ~ The Tomten

We had planned to read the Tomten books this week.  The cold front with several inches of snow made it even better!!

We did a new activity for us!  We read The Tomten story and for each animal in the book, 
the children got one of the same plastic animal for their tray of snow!
They loved it!

The "preschool" boys did some "school".

  More Tomten reading and snow play (big hit!)

Bunny painted a snow scene!

Then using a variety of left-over stickers, we read The Tomten and The Fox and reread The Tomten, adding stickers to represent the stars, the Tomten, and the various animals!

 Bunny was quick to point out the sticker was a daddy cow, not a mommy cow like in the book!

She was also not quite sure about using Mr McGregor as the Tomten..
but I assured her it was just pretend! 
And since she loves to pretend, she was happy with that!

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  1. How fun! I'm jealous of your snow. ;) (We don't have any).

  2. I greatly enjoy book related activities...looks like your kiddos do as well :-)

    Thanks for linking up to Sharing Saturday.

  3. We LOVE Astrid's Tomten books!
    Have you read these books by Brenda Tyler? We have the first one and it's really cute.
    And this one is really great too by Sven Nordqvist!
    Sorry, for all the links, like I said, We love our tomtens here!
    ~ joey ~
    ps and thanks for Linking Up!

  4. We are reading some Astrid Lindgren books, too. Our favorite, of course, is Pippi Longstocking, but I just got The Children of Noisy Village out of the library. I'm excited to introduce it to Zia--it was a favorite from my childhood!

  5. The Tomten is one of my favorite books of all time!! Thanks for sharing your fun activity at The Children's Bookshelf.

  6. So cute, and what fun!! I've got to get some of those paint stampers, are those the kind they use at Bingo and the like?

    1. Yes! We like to have a wide range of art supplies :)

  7. I just love your creative learning style. You always have such fun ways of teaching the kids. Thanks so much for sharing on We Made That

  8. Hannah, I love the discovery box with the animals and snow! My kids were also big fans of this story in kindergarten.

  9. What fun!! We haven't read The Tomten, but have read The Tomten and The Fox. I will have to check the Tomten out. Love the play activity. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  10. Your sensory activity is wonderful! I love your paint project too. I will be sharing this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page and Pinterest board.

  11. Great activities! Thanks for sharing at mom's library!

  12. OOh I don't know that story, but looks like you had great fun with it!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty.


  13. Oh my goodness, that snow tray looks so much fun! I kind of want to do it, LOL! Thank you for visiting Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!