Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thrifty Thursday -- Sewing

Last week, I wrote about sewing the girls' Christmas dresses.
I was very excited with how well they turned out.

My sister (Bunny calls her Mimi!) holding her youngest and my youngest.. both born at home! 
Our family's 1st homebirths!

I also made them each a pair of pajama pants to wear Christmas Eve
(and of course many more times after.)

I originally found the tutorial for these pajama pants on Pinterest.
I have made several pairs and each one gets a little better.

Bunny and Squirrel looked so cute in their pjs Christmas morning.
And since I bought the red flannel fabric on sale ($2.50 a yard! Woo hoo!),
they came out to be very cheap to make.

Now on the THE PARTY!!!

My friend Lindsey, from Apple of Mama's Eye, and I love to save money!!  We love a good DIY project, thrift store shopping, making, growing, stretching ourselves to learn to make and do more at home!  So please join us with your DIY, $$ Saving, Simple Living Ideas!!


  1. Home births are awesome!=) Just sayin.=)

  2. Great job on your sewing, and thanks for hosting this link up!

  3. This was my first time linking up with you - thanks for having me

  4. Ah! very Adorable! Thanks for linking up to our blog hop! Be sure to follow to your reminder to link up every Sunday!
    xoxo, Jordan.

  5. Lovely sewing! Look forward to joining your link up in the future!

  6. Hi there. Cute family, your sewing projects are very nice!