Thursday, February 14, 2013

I ♥ Hearts

Yesterday, since Papa had the day off, we celebrated Valentine's Day a day early.

Hanging above our sliding glass door, some lovely heart garland.

Heart shaped energy bites with a morning tea
to warm up from a walk in the wild wind.

Heart shaped crayons for the cousin's Valentines.

Papa hard at work making a present for his girlies.
I will save that for another post.

And of course, my never ending love for amber and gemstone jewelry.

So as a Valentine's gift to all of you, I have acquired another discount code from Inspired by Finn!

For 25% of your entire purchase use the code: February

This code expires 2/28/13, so don't wait!

This one is my favorite: Raw Amber Lemonade! 


  1. What a wonderful celebration! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. love that garland, what a wonderful idea. looks like you all had a great day. :)

  3. Thanks for the Inspired by Finn code, I saved $7.50 on (another) amber bracelet for wrist pain.

  4. The garland is a lovely idea... a nice variation to the standard round one. I love it.