Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crafting Along

Yesterday I finally had some time to work on a project.
I made a chicken saddle (also called an chicken apron).
This is the first time I have ever sewed for an animal.
People are going to think I am crazy.
But you gotta do what you gotta do.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest and got to work.
I cut out a template using a piece of card stock that Bunny had colored on.

Traced it onto my fabric (leftover laminated cotton and flannel that I got on clearance at Joann's for another project).

I cut my fabric and elastic (enough to make 8) and waited for Squirrely's naptime to do my sewing.

Stitched around all side except one, and stitched in my elastic.

Flipped it inside out, closed the hole, and top stitched around the whole thing.

My tension was acting up and I didn't realize I until I was done. I decided to just go with it for the prototype since I didn't want to waste time ripping stitches and re-sewing if it wasn't going to work anyway.

It also came out slightly cooked, but like I said...prototype.

I added snaps, and it was done.

Here you can see why some of my hens needed some sewing done for them.
Chickens are not romantic creatures at all. Roosters get a little rough while mating.
The feminist side of me wants to have nothing to do with them.
But alas, no roosters... no fertile eggs, no baby chicks...

Once the hen has a bare spot, it is an easy target for other hens, and re-growing feathers can be mistaken for something to eat. Either way, it is hard for something to heal if it is always getting pecked.

The solution? A chicken saddle to cover and protect the bare spot.
The saddle fit and all seemed well...
Until we put her back in the fence and the whole flock (including the chicken wearing the saddle) was terrified of it. They ran around flapping and squawking as if something was after them.
Katie caught the hen and we removed the saddle.

Plan B is to make another one in a duller color and see if that helps.
Maybe my chicken saddle was a bit too funky?
So much for having seven more cut and ready to go.
Going to try to make one up today to test out.

Plan C?  No clue... let the research begin again.

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  1. Hmmm...maybe one in a duller fabric might one close to the color of the feathers? Like I know what I'm talking about - Ha!

  2. Wow! A chicken saddle?! I never heard of or saw such a thing! So unfortunate it didn't work. Maybe a fabric that matches her colouring?

  3. Oh the brutes!
    Maybe a clear plastic like fabric would disappear to those not wearing one!
    OR how about a muzzle for the rooster! lol
    I love how you even incorporate creativity in your farming problems!
    ~ joey ~

  4. Oh the brutes!
    Maybe a clear plastic like fabric would disappear to those not wearing one! It won't help the poor hen wearing it though?
    Or how about a muzzle for the roosters! lol
    I love how you even incorporate creativity in your farming problems!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Ahahaha. So that's a chicken saddle! Very nice. It would have been funny to see all the chickens running around freaking out about it!

  6. LOL ... Ok, now I have seen everything! ;) Poor thing ... I guess the other chickens wouldn't get used to seeing the thing?

  7. I love it. Poor chickie. Your blog is great, btw.

  8. I love this! We have girls with bare bottoms, but that's cause they are trying to get broody. But pinning this JIC :)

  9. Love it - especially the other chickens reaction. Can't wait to hear how they like the other one you make.

  10. Awww, too cute! You are a good chicken mama! Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday, if you could just post the Wildcrafting Wednesday link or grab the button. :)

    1. Oh shoot, I keep forgetting to C&P the list from my Saturday post. I'll do that now!