Monday, March 4, 2013

My March Mail Mandate

 Spring 2010 

March brings with it that blessed season... SPRING!!! My heart is so full of excitement for spring, I am quite sure it will burst at any moment. Oh the flowers, and the green grass and leaves and everything, and the puddles for jumping, and the birds chirping.

Spring 2011

Winter, this year, has not been so bleak for me as it has in the past. I have made an extra effort to get outside as much as possible and I believe that has helped tremendously. But still, I tire of the naked hills and the grey... everything. Spring fever has caused me to de-clutter almost my entire house, as well as reading, writing, some small crafting projects, and lots of baking (new gluten free recipes are so much fun... I would love it if anyone has any to share).

Spring 2012

It was during a muffin making extravaganza that I was struck by this idea. On a whim I decided to box up and mail some muffins to a friend. It turns out, I really enjoyed it and Bunny was all about it too. We wrote a little poem/song to sing while we were working:

I like baking cakes for birthdays
I like making pies for Thanksgiving
I like baking cookies at Christmas
And maybe even brownies New Years Eve

I like baking custard in the Spring time
And chocolate zucchini bread at Summer's end
But baby there ain't nothin' better than making muffins,
Better than making muffins for a friend.

See what I mean about spring fever? I am a bit crazy these days. It gets even better when you understand that it HAS to be sang with a British accent. Actually I was in full British accent almost all day. To the point where Bunny looked up and asked me if I was her mom... "Yes, dear. of course I am your mother. I just have a funny voice. Long live the queen!" We then listened to the entire Mary Poppins soundtrack on Spotify and danced through the house like the Indians on Peter Pan (that is what I have to tell her to get her to dance with me)

Once we finally collapsed onto the couch for some snuggles and nursing, I had time to think about how nice it was to actually send mail to people. And also how nice it is to get mail. Real mail, I mean. Like an actual letter or card or thoughtful little gift like stickers for Bunny. Email and facebook have their place for sure. But they do not compare to real mail. Perhaps a love of mail runs in my veins. My Poppaw and my great grandfather were both postmasters in their day. But more likely, mail is just awesome. I feel like most people would love it if they sat down and thought about it. Which was what I was doing when I realized it.

So I have come up with a challenge for myself. My March Mail Mandate. Every week in March, I will mail out at least one thing to one person. At least one thing a week. It can be just a little note, or it could be a package of goodies. Just mail something to someone every week. I am excited to see how it goes. I think it will be a lovely way to pass the time whilst waiting for spring. Who knows, I might start doing this every winter, maybe all winter. But for now it is only for the month of March.

I am inviting you all joined me in this challenge. I intend to post about it each week and would like to hear what you are mailing out as well. And if anyone ever wants to send some mail our way, we would love to hear from you!

The Whites
107 Cherry Ridge Road
Weston, WV 26452

This week I am getting a package ready to mail out a hand made necklace I am donating to an auction to help fund an adoption <3

  On our way to the mailbox... almost spring 2013


  1. Good old fashion snail mail does have a wonderful appeal!

  2. I do love old fashioned mail. Such a fun thing.

  3. What a great challenge! And I love your poem - so fun! Thank you for the ideas... :-)

  4. Great challenge! I would like to join you!

    1. Yay Becki! Be sure to let me know how it goes!!!

  5. That does sound like fun. I think we will join in too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. :) Keep me posted on how it goes!!!

    2. We are sending you a postcard with a Portland fun fact. Would you mind sending us a West Virginia post card? We are collecting postcards from the all the US states. I will PM you my address on facebook.

    3. Yes I would love to send you a postcard! PM me and I will get it out as soon as I can. :)