Monday, April 1, 2013

A Good Long Weekend

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a had a bad case of spring fever this year.
Could be the fact that there have been 6+ months of snow and cold weather. Could be that Papa has been working a ton of overtime and his girls have missed him like crazy. Whatever the reason, the good thing about spring fever is that there is a sure fire definite easy cure for it...

Last week, we bought four ducklings.
Well, actually three of them are my sister Meagan's kids.
But since they have a Great Dane they didn't feel like their house was a safe place for the little fuzzies. So we worked out a plan to get four ducks that will all live at our house, but they can come visit and play with as much as they want.

Bunny promptly named our duck Jemima (of course). She says she is their mother and crawls around playing with them whenever she is allowed to have them out of their brooder.
Squirrely is quite fond of them as well, as you can see.

Then, oh joy of joys, last Tuesday, we found out that Papa was going to have a, not 2, not 3,
but 4 day weekend!!!! 

Thursday morning started with Papa letting Bunny and me sleep in, but waking me up to take Squirrley so he could go talk to the state road workers, who were working up the road from our house. He came back and said he was going to get some of the fill dirt that they were removing from a hillside that was slipping. We spent the rest of the morning running errands and when we got back we found TEN TRUCK LOADS of fill dirt piled high behind our shed. Bunny was excited that Papa got her mountain and she spent quite a bit of time climbing them. Papa did end up flattening them a bit for now. Bunny can still play on them until he gets a chance to smooth the dirt properly.

Friday, we cleaned out the shed and Papa began our big weekend project of making it into a new chicken coop and fencing in a run. Using my dad's tractor, he pulled the shed around the side of our house the backyard. 

The way he took it, there is a steep slope down to the creek
I am quite sure he was trying to give me a heart attack.

As he pulled and pushed it into position, he had some help/direction from both of the girls' great grandpas. Their papa's Papaw Gene and my Poppaw John.

Bunny was pretty excited when they finally got it in place.
She played outside so much and so hard that day, that as soon as we had eaten dinner, she laid down on the hallway floor and fell asleep as her bath water was running.

Saturday, we fenced in the empty space behind out house and backyard. 

Squirrely, who hadn't been feeling well but was finally feeling better, was happy to sit and watch or hang out in the Ergo while we worked.

Bunny kept herself busy playing and sometimes helping.

Having spent several of my younger years, growing up on a small farm, I am no stranger to fencing.

With Papa having put up fences at his old job, and knowing his way around them pretty well, we made a pretty good team. With a little help from Poppaw John, we got it done pretty quickly.

We then prepped the shed to be the new coop.

Not too shabby. These chicken should have no complaints.

And they don't seem to.

The view from my kitchen window.

I am really excited to have them a bit closer to the house. 
It will make taking care of them easier.
I am sure Poppaw John is happy to have his own space back.

And as if we hadn't had enough of chickens for a day, when we got the girls to bed, I realized that I still had to sew the girls Easter dresses.

Papa helped a little and we knocked it out in very little time.
Then we filled up their Easter basket with goodies and went to bed.

Sunday was filled with basket hunting (we hide the Easter basket. It is a tradition), church, Grandma's dinner, home for rest times, Nana and Pap's house, and finally home to bed.
Papa finished up the chicken coop details, and I cleaned up the house a bit.

Today Papa is back to work. But it is 45* out. I have chickens in my backyard, ducks in my laundry room, slightly flatter mountains in my yard, awesome next door neighbors on both sides, my two favorite little girls in the world, and a very full heart.

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  1. sounds like a lot of great work going on at your house! I love reading your posts, reminds me of when my babies were young and I was a young momma!

    What are you going to do with the fill dirt?

  2. A packed weekend! Nice sewing! I also sew, but ugh, I never want to do it after the girls go to bed. Can we say lazy?!

    I love that little stream in your yard!

  3. Wow, what a busy time for you!

    The new coop looks awesome and your girls' dresses are lovely - good job!

  4. Great weekend! The girls look so adorable in their matching dresses!

  5. What wonderful Joy when papa is home! Thanks for linking up to Joyful Moments!

  6. Oh to be back in the country. This makes me miss my childhood. Beautiful!

  7. wow what a busy time you have had! i love the coop and the dresses xx

  8. Love the way you have adopted the ducklings, they are messy but cute and such fun too. Wow to the chicken coop, more chicken Hotel. Careful you don't find ours trying to book in! Thanks for joining me on Country Kids, a delightful post.

  9. Wow that is some shed...wouldn't mind one of those myself (not like the sheds you see round here!). Cute dresses too - fits the chicken theme.
    Popped in via Country Kids

  10. Wow how amazing is that coop. What a very productive 4 day weekend you had. Wish I'd know how good you were at fences, I could have invited you to mine.

    Thank you for linking up with the Spring Carnival