Monday, April 15, 2013

Miss Independent


People who think that attachment parenting makes children that never learn to be independent,
have never met Bunny.

At 3 years old, though she still breastfeeds, still co-sleeps, still spends all day long with her mama, still gets a lot of attention, and is still very attached, she is somehow also so very independent.

A free thinking, free spirited, passion filled, loving, kind, happy, smart, healthy, amazing girl.

She is capable and confident.
Fearless and sometimes finicky.

Every day she does something new.
Always dreaming bigger dreams. Always pushing her own limits.
And if she ever does get stuck, she knows I am not far away.

And maybe that is what attachment parenting morphs into as children get older.
Maybe it becomes available parenting.
A here for you, trusting, safe, shoulder to cry on, hand to help guide, soft place to land kind of thing.
Because when they know there is a soft place to land, they are not afraid to fly.

I am in constant awe of my little fledgling.
She has completely changed so much of what I thought I knew. 

I have been around and taken care of children for most of my life.
I thought I knew kids.
But as it turns out, that would be like saying I know teens, or the middle aged, or the elderly.
There is no way I can, because they are not a group.
They are each a person.

And she is quite an exceptional one.

I am so enjoying getting to know her.
We have taught each other so much, and we have so much left to learn.

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  1. I think you're right... attachment parenting leads to available parenting. We give them the support they need so they can build their confidence and do things on their own.

    Wishing you a lovely week!

  2. You go, Mama! Love those raised beds, BTW!

  3. I've noticed the same thing with my little Evening (14 months) in some ways she is so independent it's shocking...until it's time to nurse

  4. Independence comes from confidence which comes from the surety of a parents love and presence. That's what you've done. Keep at it.

  5. She looks very independent! A secure and extremely happy little girl. Wonderful :-) x

  6. my son was two this week and still co-sleeping and actually breastfeeding as I type :)
    He is so independent and with little things especially it's his way or the highway. He knows what he wants bless him. When they know there is a soft landing, they're not afraid to fly - I love that.

    looks like you have a beautiful independent little lady

  7. What a lovely personal story of growth for you both. No matter what your parenting style there is no stopping a child developing their own view of the world and curiosity to explore for themselves kicking in. However you can as a parent affect how confidently they take these moves. Looks like Bunny is as happy and confident as they come, well done to you!

  8. she did so well watering all those different things so well and not get herself wet which is what my two would do!!

  9. what a lovely post. I like the term available parenting. Thats a good one. You've made me reflect a little on some things we've been doing recently with Goblin that haven't been working, and maybe I just need to be there and show him he can come to me, and hopefully that will give him the confidence to choose to do it on his won.
    Thanks for sharing this, I'm pinning to the Sunday Parenting Party pinterest board.

  10. Really lovely post, I think whatever style of parenting you have every child is an individual. All three of our boys have been parented in the same way, but all three are completely different, makes me wonder how I'll have to adapt my parenting of each to their different personalities, only time will tell! Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party. Off to pin and tweet