Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eco-Kids Tuesday!

You know last week I said Bunny was sick with a stomach virus?  Wellll that virus made its way through her, and then Squirrely, and then me, where it stayed for several days.  Seems that viruses love to make themselves at home in my body and stay long past their normal time.  Eight pounds gone, limited milk production, unbelievably weak, and I am just now starting to regain my strength.  I have struggled more this winter and spring (the same time I have been eating a better than ever diet of whole foods..) than ever before.   It is also my 1st winter/spring of having two little ones, tandem nursing them, along with working 25 hours a week, and almost single parenting due to The Hub's new job.  Whatever the cause, I feel like I am struggling more this year with not only catching every virus that comes along, but recovering from them as well.  Any suggestions?

So while I was sick, my mama made these salt dough and lavender fingerprint hearts
for the playschool mamas (and me).

She was inspired by Mama Rosemary's Salt Dough Hearts!
We used lavender flowers, rather than roses, ad a few drops on laveder essential oil in the water!

We are having a great time and learning so much through Eco-Kids Tuesday! 
Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us weekly!  Each week I struggle to choose the feature because honestly ALL of the links deserve recognition!  But choose, I must, so here are my features for this week:

Seedlings Nursery School shared some wonderful thoughts on Finding Balance in the Real World.
Do yourself a favor and take a few moments to read it!

Kid Care with Essential Oils is a must read!  We use doTERRA oils ourselves and love them!

My mama can sell them so if you are ever interested, let us know, and she will give you her "co-op" prices!

A Life Unprocessed shared a recipe for Perfect Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Ceam!


Placenta Encapsulation is a favorite topic of mine! 
Green Ideas Review did a review on How? Why? and Does it work? 
My favorite quote of the post is:
"You can’t tell ANYONE!!  Seriously.  People will judge you, and never forget you’re that crazy lady who ate her placenta.  (Before this post, no one in my entire family knew about me doing this…)"

For my last feature, all I can say is yum!  Tessa, The Domestic Diva shared her

If you were featured please feel free to grab a button for your blog.  And please keep linking up great all your Eco-Kid ideas!

Like Mama~Like Daughter
Like Mama~Like Daughter

And now for this week's Eco-Kids Tuesday Link-Up!!
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Some ideas include:
  • Nature Activities
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Crafts made with re-purposed or recycled materials
  • Sewing and DIY home projects
  • Science Experiments
  • Posts on environmental issues for kids or families
  • Non-toxic living
  • Homeopathic Remedies
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Like Mama~Like Daughter

Like Mama~Like Daughter


  1. Thank you for featuring our Rose 'n' Salt Dough Hearts! I love the ones you made with lavender, so pretty and I bet they smell great too!

  2. Thank you for the feature! I can't wait to read some of the other posts. I am also a doTERRA user and consultant and have been trying to use them more with the kiddos. And I told anyone who would listen about my placenta encapsulation!! :)

  3. Happy Tuesday! Thanks so much for featuring my post on Essential Oils for Kids! I love using natural products on my kids that work and keep them healthy. I'm looking forward to checking out the other fantastic features this week!

  4. Thank you for the linky party and I hope you recover soon!

    I have no great suggestion for you except try to get some rest somehow and being very kind and loving to yourself this period as you are doing an incredible job here!

    A big hug from a breastfeeding mama from Holland,
    xxx sas

  5. Thanks for hosting the link-up! I'm kinda on the edge when it comes to consuming placenta. I have actually dehydrated and en-capsuled a friends, and my husband dehydrated and en-capsuled mine after our last baby was born. I only took a few capsules before I read about it in the bible and equating the afterbirth or placenta to cannibalism. I will have to find the verse.

  6. Thanks for the feature Hannah! If you like low-sugar sneaky treats, be sure to check out sneaky dark chocolate brownies...they always get rave reviews and no one can ever guess the main ingredient! I especially love that s all comes together in my food processor!

  7. ACV helps with stomach flu!! check out my blog- http://www.playdoughandpuzzles.blogspot.com/2013/05/benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar.html :)

  8. Poor you - I was really struggling with repeated bouts of bad flu 3 or 4 times year. Started taking vitamin D supplements and haven't had any since. Might be coincidence but might help - Alice x

  9. So sorry you were't feeling well. I hope you recover soon.

    Those salt dough hearts are adorable.

    Wishing you a lovely, healthy, week.

  10. So sorry you were so sick. Hope you're getting stronger now!