Thursday, June 6, 2013

Four In The (Queen Sized) Bed

Our co-sleeping set up rocks. Papa, Squirrely in the middle, me, and Bunny in her own little bed next to ours. Except, Bunny doesn't stay in her own little bed next to ours. She usually makes it only a few hours before waking up and wanting to snuggle, and then we are pretty squished. Papa loves it. He tells people we sleep in a real pile. A heap of tangled up bodies. I'll admit that I LOVE that he loves it. I'll also admit that I would really love to be able to roll over in my sleep with out having to rearrange all the arms and legs laying across me.

We had plans of buying a king sized bed with our income tax return, but alas, the cheapskate in me won out. I mean... do we need a king sized bed? No! We can manage. We can rally. Even when Papa works nightshift, I still end up squished. These girls just love to sleep right up next to me. So I will just pry Bunny off of me and scoot her over into her little bed at some point during the night, and push Squirrely over some, and we will be fine. There is no need for a bigger bed... Unless I found one really cheap... But that is just how I roll. I come up with a price of what something would be worth to me, if it happens to be more, I do without. This method has worked quite well over the years. I am pretty good at budgeting. I was even better when we had even less to budget. But while I was great with very little money, I find I am only pretty good with more. I am striving to do better though. We have dreams, and they aren't going to pay for themselves. We need to save money.

I have once again found myself craving less and less. A more simple, less cluttered life. For the first time ever, Papa seems to be completely on board with me tossing out and giving away boxes and bags full of things I feel we no longer need. Of course I sometimes have to pause and let him sort through a pile to pick out what he thinks is necessary to keep. But I think he is catching on to the fact that less junk, makes less hassle, makes a happy wife. And we all know that a happy wife makes a happy life ;) Simplicity sometimes means we're more squished (like when there are four people in a queen size bed), but sometimes it means, less junk, less spending, less waste, less work (in the long run), more love!

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  1. Amen sister.. I am with you on this one all the way

  2. I am constantly going through stuff and donating. I hate having lots of clutter around, I am definitely a minimalist. My husband always has to go through everything to make sure I'm not giving away too much :) We also co-sleep. My oldest has his own bed in another room, but my youngest still sleeps on our queen size bed. Cute pic!

  3. We have 4 in the bed too. I love the snuggles! The only time I get irritated is when one of my boys decides to wake up too early and wake the other one up too.

  4. Wow! I'm so glad that works for you. When all 4 of us (plus baby bump) are in the King, I can't sleep :). Co-sleeping is great and I can't wait to have another wee-one in with us!

    Have a great week!!

  5. i always love hearing other's bed-sharing stories. our 4.5 year old sleeps in our bed. i love it too. am going to be sad here in the next couple years when he moves to his own bed. will be sharing this at sunday's parenting party.

  6. this - and your desire for simplicity! Thanks for sharing with the Tuesday Baby Link Up community!

  7. So sweet! We love co-sleeping too. And when someone can actually grab a camera during the night, you can catch the absolute cutest family pictures. ;-)

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up! We hope to see you back this week.