Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kids in the Garden

At least once a week, we make the trek across the fields to Poppaw John's Garden!

 A lot of the garden has been harvested, but there are still plenty of goodies for us!

The multi-colored organic carrots were a HUGE hit!

LittleSister is happy to just sit and chomp whatever treats the children give her!

Squash, sunflowers, garlic, onions, and Indian corn are drying in the shed.

Teaching the kids to shuck corn! 

These sweet potato flowers are beautiful!

Apple  picking!

Chanting "teamwork" as the volunteer (proudly) to carry the apples home!


  1. Beautiful Garden! I had a horrible carrot harvest. The tops were beautiful. The roots were short, stumpy and mushy. Too much rain, I believe!

  2. Love all this harvesting going on! That shed picture is great. I am really looking forward to growing our own things next spring.

  3. ummm harvest! There is something so precious about storing for the season ahead. I love to see your visits to the garden. We have just had our Autumn changeover at home. Looking forward to making jams soon!

  4. The garden looks gorgeous and the happy faces say it all about how good those carrots must taste. Thanks for linking up.