Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sleeping Like Kings

Earlier this summer (before we started The Compact), Papa and I finally decided to shell out the cash for a new, KING sized bed!  We made a trip to IKEA to get our mattress. It was the best deal we could find for a decent mattress with a warranty. Plus I love IKEA so I may be a bit bias.

Sadly, they no longer carry the bedframe that we loved with our queen sized bed.
So we decided to save some money and make our own... 
Ok, ok, *I* decided to save some money and have *Papa* make our own.
But he is awesome, so he agreed to do it.

He upcycled a head and foot board we got second hand from friends, into a king sized head board.
I found a used roller frame for cheap. A little modifying and spray paint, and we were set.

Another way I saved some money was by not having to buy new sheets and a comforter.
We already had a king sized comforter just because it is easier to cover everyone in queen bed with a bigger blanket. And the last time I needed new sheets for our queen sized, I found kings sized ones on clearance and just tucked the extra under one side.

 Ahh, the seal of approval!

No matter how far apart my girls are when they go to sleep, they always migrate toward each other.
By the time I go to bed, I have to pull them apart to get in!
We still have Bunny's bed right beside ours for even more space.
However, is she wants to sleep with me all night, it is no problem at all now.

Grey Kitty's fav place for cat naps.

We are all very pleased with our sleeping arrangement.
The last time I posted about it, I admitted that I didn't make my bed. Now I make it every day as part of my morning routine. I am learning that the cleaner and neater my house is, the better my day goes.
That doesn't mean it is perfect, I have just found that doing the small things that only take a few minutes are worth it because they never get a chance to turn into big things that take an hour.
I am still learning and de-cluttering and organizing, but I am getting there.


  1. There is nothing like a king size bed to tuck all your kids into! We like ours plain, just a mattress and box springs, but Kyle did a great job on that headboard and frame.
    Just catching up on your posts since Friday...we had one busy week!

  2. WOW! What an awesome (and big) bed. All of you WILL be sleeping like kings.

    Sweet dreams.