Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Less Messy Mudroom

I have spent much of this year de-cluttering and organizing my home. I recently tackled my mudroom. The top shelf had been over run with Papa's tools and things, so I found him some space in our kitchen closet for those. Then I moved extra laundry soaps and extra clothes for my afternoon daycare kids to the top shelf.

Then I ditched our hamper for three tubs to separate dirty clothes into more manageable daily amounts. 
I also placed a basket on my dryer just to tote things to and from Mama's house. 
We have a lot of back and forth so this helps a ton with keeping it organized.
I also pulled in a bench to sit on while putting on shoes

(I since replaced it with two chairs 'cause I needed my bench back lol).

I store winter hats and things in the wicker chest,
 and empty egg cartons and diaper bag behind that.
Coats on the hooks, shoes on the rug.
That is about all. Pretty simple. I already had everything I needed.
Not a whole lot of work, just a little creativity.


  1. Looks nice! I love those colored bucket things!

  2. Looks great! Sometimes having less to work with makes it easier. I'm reading Simplicity Parenting for the third time, a good reminder for me to keep it simple!
    Thanks for stopping by madebyjoey!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Hello coming over from Monday Mingle. You have inspired me to clean up my laundry room. Love the different color containers.
    I am following you on Google.
    Would love for you to visit me .