Monday, December 23, 2013

Just Like That

Bunny weaned herself a couple weeks ago. She is done. Just like that.

I had gotten her down to just one nursing at bedtime a few months ago and was pretty resigned to thinking I would have to lessen and lessen the time I let her nurse if I ever wanted her to wean. 
Then the other night, she said she wanted Katie (my 16 year old sister) to put her to bed. They are best buds, but I totally expected her to come looking for me after she got bored with Katie's stories. You know, when she was REALLY ready for bed. But when I got little sister to sleep, I went to check on her and found her sleeping sweetly next to Katie, like it was no big deal at all. Just like that.
The next night I snuggled her to sleep and she didn't even ask to nurse. After a few days, I dared to ask her about it. She simply said, "I'm all done nursing. I still like to snuggle though." Just like that.

I am still in a little bit of shock over it. Not sad. After all, 3 years and 8 months of nursing is a good run. I find myself just kinda in awe. So we had a weaning party to cement her new status as a big girl. Weaning parties date back to old testament times. When Abraham's son, Isaac, weaned, they had a feast in celebration. We baked a chocolate cake and the big boy cousin came to celebrate with us and spend the night. She is very proud. I am pretty proud too. And we turn to a new chapter of her childhood. Just like that.

I used THIS RECIPE, but I made a strawberry cream cheese filling rather than more chocolate.

 I absolutely love healthy junk food... I also have developed quite a fondness of dark chocolate.
This cake is a win on both.

Bunny was very excited to dig in.

It was DELISH!
I can't wait for the next birthday, graduation, anniversary, or flag day to make it again...
Any excuse really.

Less than a day later, it was gone. Just like that.


  1. Congratulations to that big girl! How did you like nursing tandem for the past 17 months? I may give it a go if I get pregnant again this coming year.

    That cake sounds (and looks) great...I'll have to try it!

  2. Tandem nursing for the last 17 months has been an amazing experience. I am so so so happy that I did. I am proud and amazed by my mama body. But, I doubt I will tandem nurse again in the future. For one reason, Squirrely is not Bunny. She just doesn't need me in the same intense way. If I get pregnant again while Squirrely is still nursing, I will probably slowly wean her and be done a few months before the baby would be due. If I had done that with Bunny she would have been devastated. So a lot of it just depends on you and your children's personality. It is a lot of work for your body and can take a toll if you don't take care of yourself. Just be aware of that.

  3. I really agree with the fact that every child is different, with different needs. Just out of curiosity, do you feel like you needed about 1000 extra calories a day nursing two? They say it's about 500 extra to nurse one.