Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Campers

This long cold winter is definitely testing my creative abilities as a mama... Rather than spending some time sewing or crafting or even writing, I find myself spending more and more time just trying to think of things for my girls to do to keep them happy. I am soooo ready for spring.

There has been a lot of painting, drawing, coloring, stickers, sensory bins (I loath water beads BTW), and many other good mess making fun. This morning however, none of those things were appealing to the pair. So I pulled out an old favorite. The trusty table tent. A couple of blankets over the table and some pillows underneath makes for some great fun. So much fun that they insisted (and I readily agreed) that they should just eat their morning snack in their tent.

A muffin tin snack for them to share.

It was a hit!
As I type this, Bunny is still in the tent. She hauled a few toys under there and has a great set up going. Squirrely is back to coloring at the other end of the table.
Since I am getting desperate for new ideas, I would LOVE to hear your favorite boredom busters for young children... Happy Friday!


  1. I recently did a post, Entertaining Terror Toddler. You might find it interesting.

    My kids LOVE tents. Biggest problem is, our 135 lb mastiff thinks *she* gets to join in. *crash* Much howling is heard. *sigh*

    Here's the Terror Toddler link:

  2. Just keep saying..........spring is coming! :) These are challenging days in Feb/ kids are beyond the toddler stage, so I don't have to find as many activities like that for them, but I do still have that challenge too.......and I am glad that spring is coming. :) Gentle Joy

  3. Isn't funny how just a simple change, like eating under the table creates so much fun!? Thanks for linking up the Thoughtful Spot!

  4. I hope it's warming up over there. This has been a crazy winter. I live in Hawaii and it was cold for us even.... Have a great week thank you for linking up at Mommy moments blog hop :)

  5. What a fun idea! I've felt the same way this winter. I'm running very low on ideas. I've set-up my son's indoor tent to play in, but I hadn't thought about having a fun snack and stuff in there. I need to give that a try!

    Thanks for linking up at Rock-A-Bye Parents' Sunday Parenting Pointers Linky Party. I'll be pinning this, and I hope you come link up again!