Monday, June 23, 2014

Stitches of Love

About six months ago, right before Christmas, while we were still in the process of moving into my parents' house, my grandma died. She was getting older and was starting to have some health problems and we knew she didn't have very long. Still, when my dad called and told us, I didn't expect it.
Not at all.

My grandma was one of those magical grandmas. When I was young, she would always have some little project planned for when we visited. Modge Podge, jig saw puzzles, painting, gardening, cooking, baking, learning a new song on the piano, and the thing I remember most, sewing. I often came home with a little pillow or something else I had made with her. Once we made a rag doll. I kept it for years, and I might never forgive my 13 year old self for throwing it out when we moved.

Grandma holding Bunny

When I found out she had died, I dug out the quilt she had made for me when I was young and slept with it for a couple of weeks. After Christmas, I packed it away again for safe keeping. Until a couple weeks ago, I hadn't sewn since. It was not intentional. Life just has a funny way of getting busy. I had pretty bad morning sickness and I really just got finished unpacking and organizing everything. But suddenly, out of no where, my fingers started to itch. I started browsing through Pinterest without really knowing for what I was looking. I would walk past my sewing machine and stop a stare for no reason. I think it was taunting me at that point. Daring me to sit down and take a stitch. So I finally did.

I am now working on finishing my first quilt. I started the top back in the fall, but never finished it. Every time I wonder about how to do something, I wish I could ask Grandma. I wish I could ask her a lot of things.

Grandma holding Squirrely

I was at her house today, helping to go though some things. I had no idea there was so much to do after the passing of a loved one. My dad has been kept quite busy by all of it. I was sorting through some of her crafting things and came upon something that made my jaw drop and my eyes tear up. I didn't know she was working on this. I know she was probably unable to do this kind of work in the couple of years or so before she died. So I have no idea at what point she made this. There, in her embroidery hoop, with the needle still threaded and stuck in for safe keeping, was the last stitches she probably ever stitched.

The main design.

It seems that she was working on some side decorations when she stopped.

Grandma loved my husband. 
For years he mowed her grass and did odd jobs for whenever she needed. 
He was very much like a grandson to her.
Like my dad, he took a lot of pride in taking care of her.

Grandma loved our girls too (she loved all of her great-grandchildren). She would light up whenever we brought them to visit. Having had six children herself, she always tell me about how she remembered her children at that age,
and what mischief they got into.

Cousin Birdie and Bunny reading with Grandma

She always told me I was a good mom. When most people thought I was crazy for having a homebirth, she simply said that her mother had all of her children at home. My rebel side was no big deal to her. She trusted that I knew what I was doing. That meant a lot to me because I was sometimes unsure, myself. She loved me for exactly who I was, and that made me want to be better. She made me better. 

I will always cherish the memories I have with Grandma. I am so incredibly thankful to know 100% where she is right now. She is finally free of this harsh world with its pain and sorrow. If heaven has a piano, she is playing and singing for Jesus. She is home at last. And yet so much of her is still here. In her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In everyone she ever fed a Sunday dinner. In the way my dad smiles sometimes. In every stitch that I have ever sewn since she taught me how. In my and my daughters' curly hair. In a thousand things every day until we see her again.

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  1. What a sweet and touching tribute to your Grandma! I am grateful that I had a wonderful Grandma and Mother, and I love being a Mom and Gram -- What a blessing to know that they are with Jesus!