Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sleep Tight

Ok before I start this post, let me just ask that you don't judge me. When Bunny was two, she was potty trained except for at night. She was a chubby toddler (Oh how I miss that double chin) and had outgrown her cloth diapers. I had her in disposable trainers for a time, then Flips after that... At some point while she was 3 she was still wetting almost every night, but I could not find anything cloth that would work well for her size or hold as much as her bladder could, and she totally rejected the sposies at that point. So until she weaned at 3 3/4, we had a lot of bed wetting. Also during this time, our waterproof pad failed (we now have a new and better one). As soon as Bunny weaned, the bed wetting stopped. But my poor mattress had taken a beating. I had cleaned it several times, but I could not get the stains out.

When I went to wash the sheets today, I decided enough was enough and I found a recipe on Pinterest to remove the stains.

8oz hydrogen peroxide
3 Tbs baking soda
1 drop of blue dawn dish liquid

Combine in a spray bottle, and go crazy on the stains.
Let sit for 1 hour
 Re-apply if needed (I ended up applying 3 times)

Once the mattress was completely dry, I sprinkled it with baking soda and lavender oil,
waited a bit, then vacuumed it.

I am pretty impressed with the results.
The top part even whitened up a little more after I took this picture.
It smells great too. Though it didn't really stink before since I had actually cleaned it several time without getting the stains out. Just nice and fresh now.

My sweet babes are sleeping peacefully on it right now.

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