Monday, March 30, 2015

Spinning Plates

Why do I do this? I LOVE writing. I love blogging. I miss it when I don't do it for a while... And yet here we are, almost three months since my last post. I think I get wrapped up in the idea that I have to have some impressive something about which to write in order to blog. I am going to try to start blogging even if it means just posting whatever I want.

Mousey is five months old and amazing. She has a dairy and chocolate sensitivity that we had to figure out, but other than that she is my easiest baby. She sleeps! The big girls love her. She and Squirrelly have a great bond of pure love, and Bunny is all about getting to carry her two feet to me and making her laugh.

Squirrelly is potty trained now except at night ( and a few acidents nere and there). She is a major girly girl and silly and bossy and I love it. She loves to sing with me, even when I am being ridiculous. Still a papas girl. Still awesome.

Bunny is going to be five in less than a week. FIVE! I wasn't freaking out till she sat down and read a bob book all on her own the other day, on the first time ever even looking at it. Then it hit me. She is a big girl. She is really so much more fun as a big kid than as a baby. She has either outgrown or learned to deal with most of her sensitivities. I am really excited to have new adventures with her.

The hubs and I jumped on my mama's band wagon (shes lost 30 lbs) and started getting fit through BeachBody. He lost over 70lbs since fall and I've lost 20 since Mousey was born. Its pretty exciting. We are feeling so much better too. We have big plans for this life. Going to have to be healthy to keep up. (P.S. If you want to know more. Shoot me a amessage on my facebook page)

Life is crazy busy and I feel like some sort of performer that is spinning plates on sticks. Every now and then, I take down one plate and put it away, and all is still for a moment. Then back to spinning. Maybe even adding more. Too many spinning plates. But none have broken in a while, so there is that. Hoping things quiet down a bit soon.

I would add pics to this post, but blogger isn't letting me do it from my ipad. Maybe Ill add some later. Going to go ahead and post it now before I get to busy... Again lol.

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