Monday, August 30, 2010

An Enchanted Childhood

When I was a child, I loved to spend time with my Poppaw. He was always teaching me things-- from how to sharpen a pocket knife, to how to make a powder horn, to how to hunt ( he was very outdoorsy and I was a major tomboy). His basement workshop was a place of wonder and excitement for me--full of adventures yet to happen and stories waiting to be told. To this day the smell of leather takes me back. His love of the great outdoors inspired me. It made me want to see things the way he saw them and do things the way he did them. He has always, inexplicably, called me "Skooch", and I always, inexplicably, loved it.
Poppaw~Mr. McGregor

Now, one of my favorite daily summertime activities with the children is to walk through the field to my grandparents' house. We stop at the chicken coop to feed the chickens and check for eggs. Then we make our way to his garden where we have a taste of whatever is ripe (recently it has been raspberries and watermelon). The daycare children love him. They call him their "Mr. McGregor" (from Peter Rabbit) and are always excited to see him. Bunny is always happy to see him too. He always, inexplicably, calls her "Pooky", and I think she will always, inexplicably, love it too.

Checking out the chickens!
Mr. McGregor's garden has supplied us with a number of various fruits and vegetables, as well as berries of all kinds. It makes me smile every time we eat something from him. I can't wait until next summer when Bunny will be able to partake in the feast along with the rest of us. I know his Pooky will have the same love for him as his Skooch does.
Picking raspberries! 
Chowing down on watermelon!