Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heart To Heart

My baby loves to be held. She loves to be carried around everywhere I go. When she is wide awake she loves to be carried facing out, so she can see the world around her. But when she is sleepy, fussy or snugly, she wants to be held upright, facing me, chest to chest, her head on my shoulder.

I love to hold my baby. I love to carry her around everywhere I go. The only problem is, I work. Even though I work at home I often find that a free hand would come in very, well, handy. If I am holding my baby there is not a free hand (and certainly not two) available to do my job.

The first week or so back to work, after having my baby, my mama did most of the daycare and I was just another pair of eyes. As the days went by, I began to realize that I would soon have to be more than that. I finally dug out the baby sling that was in the top of the closet. It worked well. She could lay in it for our walks and even around the house. I even took her to the mall for the first time in it. However, as she grew, she wanted to look around at everything. The sling did not work well for this. What did work, however, was the Moby Wrap.

I have to admit that at first I was scared of the wrap. It looked complicated and I didn't feel like I could ever master the technique. YouTube has tutorials for everything including baby wrapping. After only a few tries, it became second nature to me. I can wrap her facing out or chest to chest, as well as many other ways. I can honestly say that if I could only recommend one thing to mamas with young babies, this would be it. "Baby wearing" has been such a wonderful experience for me and my daughter. I even taught my older sister, Meagan, how to wrap her newborn (she loves it too). It's amazing how relaxed my baby gets when I wrap her. I love that my snuggle bunny can be so close to me, even when I am working. I love to feel her skin to skin and heart to heart. 


  1. Babywearing has been my lifesaver. Monkey is 2 1/2 yrs old and very active. Wrapping Birdie (thanks to my sister) I am able to carry Birdie and provide her with the love and affection a new baby needs all while providing the the toddler with the activities he needs and llowing me 2 hands to play with him
    Thank you Han for teaching a wonderful way to care for my 2 babies at once!

  2. I've never tried a moby wrap, but I've been a sling mama since #2 - people at church know me as "that lady who always has a baby in a sling" :-)

  3. How absolutely beautiful! I have also found once you discover for yourself what a lifesaver it is, you want to get EVERYONE in on it!

  4. I want to say absolutely beautiful, too! Precious photos.