Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back To Basics

Home Hair Cuts~

I have been cutting Hubs hair since we were just dating (I used to cut several of my family members' hair). He loves that he doesn't have to leave the house to get it done. We both love that we save the money from each cut. I use clippers set at 1/4 inch for the sides, and 3/4 inch for the top. I blend it with 1/2 inch. I use scissors around the ears and shave the neck and face (pics to come).

When I got pregnant for Bunny, I stopped getting my hair highlighted. I know that it is not bad for the baby (as long as the room is well ventilated). I just decided that I liked my natural color. I though it made me look more like a mama and less like a teenager (which I was at the time). After that, I felt it a bit silly to go "get my hair done", when it is really just a trim.

So, the other day, I got up the gumption to ask Hubs if he would cut it for me (and the gumption to let him)...

Turns out, he is a natural. I love my new hair. I love that he cut it for me. I love that I didn't have to pay for it. At least not with money, that is.

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