Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back To Basics~Less Is More

{I am a woman on a mission. A mission to declutter our home and our lives. To make more and buy less. To find the things we truly love in life and hold onto them. A mission to get back to basics. The progress is slow as I work full time (at home) and have a husband and baby to care for. However, what I have accomplished has made a great improvement in our lives.}

1. First we bought an expandable twin sized bed from IKEA and put it next to our queen sized bed. This replaces our co-sleeper which our daughter was starting to outgrow.

2. Next, I made a bedtime basket.

This basket has been so helpful to my night's sleep. If Bunny or I need anything at night, all I have to do is reach in the basket and there it is.

3. The TV had to go. Our bedroom is now peaceful and quiet, as well as less cluttered. After Bunny goes to sleep Hubs and I can get on the computer, watch TV (in the living room), or just hang out together.

4. Then came the closet. Until recently, Hubs and I shared the closet. When we cleaned out the guest room closet, however, I moved my things into it. This left our bedroom closet disheveled and unorganized. Hubs installed a gun cabinet (with a lock). I cleaned out and sorted everything and put it back nicely, packing away out of season clothes. We also hung curtains for doors. Our closet is now functional and neat.

5. After a quick clean out of the dresser and nights stands, our bedroom was done.

We ended up with about 1/2 the stuff, and twice the relaxation. Less really is more in the case of our bedroom.

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