Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rhythm~Our Winter Routine

7:00-8:30    Children arrive, free play in the family room
8:30            Breakfast (a fruit, grain, and milk)
9:00            Shelf Time and Table Time
9:45            Circle Time (songs, stories…)
10:00           Snack (fruit and water cups)
                   Creative Time (art, crafts, playdough…)
11:00           Outside if it is 40* or above, or an occasional snow play day!!!!  (if weather is bad, we move to the living room for blocks, the barn, yoga, and more active play)
11:45           Inside, TV/DVD while lunch is being made
12:00           Lunch (includes two veggies and milk)
12:30           Story Time, followed by nap/rest time
3:00            Snack, followed by play time

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