Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Enchanted Childhood~ Daycare: January 3rd-7th

We have been asked many times to write up our "lesson plans" so others could use them.  Honestly, we just spend a little time thinking about how we want the "school year" to look and go from there.  We wing-it a lot, doing impromptu things that add to our plans.  I am always amazed that anyone would think what we do is worthy of writing down for others to read, but here it goes!

This year, we are doing "Childhood Classics"--reading great children's books--you know, the kind every child should get to know, and then doing little activities to go with it.

For the next few weeks we are using the childhood classic Goodnight Moon as the foundation of our preschool activities.  We are then adding in many other great books.  We started off the week reading our beloved Goodnight Moon and doing several activities related to the moon. We also read  The Moon Shines Down by the same author.  It is great book about the moon shining down on children from many different lands.  Since we have been learning our continents, we were able to point out the England is in Europe or Zimbabwe is in Africa and so forth. This book is based on the very poem we have been memorizing this week~

I see the moon
And the moon sees me.
God bless the moon
And God bless me.

Sharig with: The Nighttime Sky (Discover and Explore)

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