Monday, January 10, 2011

My Birthday Buddy

When I was eight years old, my family adopted three children. When I was eleven, we adopted three more. Add that to my original sister and brother and there were nine of us. Because there were so many of us, everyone had at least one birthday buddy. That is, someone else with whom to share their birthday month and party. Two in February. Three in March (plus Poppaw John), Two in May, and one shared September with Mama. So, all of the children had a birthday buddy. All except me.

I was the lone January child. January 10th to be exact. I was alone and lonely. I wanted a birthday buddy. I wanted one so bad that I tried to get Mama to adopt another child (one with a January birthday). Apparantly, God had other plans. I spent seven years waiting for my birthday buddy.

When I was 14 years old, I met and secretly fell in love with a young man that lived down the street. From the first time I met him, I knew that he was special. As it turned out, he was the one I had been waiting for since I was eight years old. His birthday was also January 10th. I had found my birthday buddy. We not only shared the same month, but the same day (one year apart).

By the time my 15th (and his 16th) birthday rolled around, our love wasn't much of a secret anymore.  On Valentines Day 2005, it was offical. Time went by, however. People grow up and change. We were not the same people we once were. Our love was not the same love. Life goes on. People have to follow their own paths.

Luckily, our paths happened to be going the same direction. We were not the same people we once were. We were closer. Our love was not the same love. It was stronger. I grew into a woman and he grew into a man. We got married and had a baby. These days, I call him Hubs. He is my best friend, my hero, and still my birthday buddy.

Today is our birthday. The sixth birthday that we have spent together. They have been the best six birthdays of my life. I love my birthday buddy! He was worth waiting for. Hopefully, we will spend many more birthdays together!

Happy Birthday Hubs!

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