Monday, May 30, 2011

Girls Night!

After we all went to the baptism service at Real Life Church tonight, The Hubs went to a friend's bachelor party (when I say bachelor party, I mean out to eat with a bunch of guys from our church family). With it being just Bunny and me in the house this evening, we had ourselves a girls' night. It wasn't all that different from any other night, we just added a little girly fun to it.

Ingredients to a girly girls' night:
  • Music ~ In this case, we made our own (Bunny is getting pretty good at singing)
  • Bubble Baths ~ We use Suave Kids' Naturals Head To Toe Wash in Soothing Lavender
  • Extra Pampering ~ A nice massage before dressing for bed, or a special pair of pjs
  • Pink ~ Pink Piggy Painted toes rock for both Bunny and me
  • Snuggles ~ Stay up a few minutes later just hanging out snuggling
There are no limits to girls' night. It can be as fun as you are willing to make it. Just relax and remember that you can always fall back on your normal routine if needed.

Bunny singing The Beatles in the bath tub:

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