Friday, June 3, 2011

Coming Full Circle

We rearranged the bedroom this weekend (I also misplaced my camera, so I can't take any pics).

Almost a year ago, we had moved it all around to fit Bunny's little side bed. I love her sidebed, it is so cute and sweet, but she NEVER slept in it and it was pretty big for just her (twin width). So this weekend we put it all back and turned Bunny's crib from her bedroom, which she NEVER slept in, into a side bed. We then put her other bed into her room to use later. There was a lot of taking apart and putting back together because we have narrow doorways and nothing would fit. We were hot, and sweaty, and starting to regret the idea all togrther, but finally it all fell into place.

I love it! Everthing fits so much better, the crib works so much better as a sidebed. The mattresses butt right up to each other and it takes up much less space. Bunny must like it too because she has slept in it (at least part time) since then.

Pics to come (as soon as I find my camera)!

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