Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeding My Soul

All my life, I have been a night owl. I used to lay awake in bed for hours, doing nothing. These days, however, I find myself becoming a morning person. I never understood the appeal when my mama would sneak downstairs for some quiet time. I always wondered why she didn't just sleep as late as she could. But these days, I find myself unwrapping Bunny's sleepy body from mine and tip-toeing away for a few moments before she wakes. It feeds my soul. I use this time to catch up on things. I talk to God. Sometimes, I read. Sometimes, I drink hot tea. Sometimes, I just sit and do nothing. Today, I am blogging.

Blogging is another one of those things that feeds my soul. It gives me an outlet for all my rantings and interests. When I first started, I didn't think I would love it so much. I thought I would just post when I felt like it, and not all the time. But I feel like it all the time. When I don't post, it is because I am busy living it. As soon as life slows down, I am right back at it. I love it.

The great outdoors feeds my soul in more ways than I can write. Especially when it is warm. Gardening, playing in the creek, taking a walk, swinging, searching for that first small, purple violet in the cool green grass, watching a bird build its nest, teaching a child about worms and what ones are good for gardens and what ones are bad (molly grubs, we feed to the chickens), bare feet in mud, tiny baby footprints all over our pebble beach, clouds that look like things, the list goes on and on and on. I love the fact that I don't mind getting dirty, that I am a tomboy, and that I get to relive all of those enchanted childhood memories, playing outside with Bunny.

My family feeds my soul. I could have all the me time in the world, but I could never be full without my family. Those moments of dream come true perfection, the little ones that happen everyday. You just can't get those by yourself.

I love my life!

What feeds your soul? Leave a comment telling about it...

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