Friday, June 10, 2011

Catching up: A Sunday Escape

(I seem to have gotten behind on some posts. Either that or I have gotten ahead of my self on others. Either way, I have some catching up to do.)

We began this Sunday morning like every other. We woke, dressed, and grabbed breakfast before heading to church. On the way there, looking out the car window at the beautiful sunshine, I had a sudden urge to run away. To just spontaneously take off for the day. With no plans and no rules. Just go. Spring fever at it's finest. I stifled it down in the name of responsibility.

We arrived at church and were greeted by loving faces and warm hand shakes. We do love our church family and chatted quite a bit with several people. We were just settling into our seats when we suddenly realized that we had forgotten the diaper bag. We could have gone home and gotten it, but by then we would have missed about half of church. The Hubs must have caught the fever too, 'cause I looked at him and he whispered "Let's just go".

We left church. Our hearts racing with anticipation of what this day might hold. I buckled Bunny into her car seat and we were off. At first, we thought we would just go home. Then I found a diaper in the car, so we figured we would go somewhere. We just couldn't go too far. After we drove for a few minutes, Bunny fell asleep. So we just kept on driving. We ended up at Falls Mill.

It was a glorious day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. Bunny didn't make a peep until we pulled into the parking space. We took a walk up the steep path to the overlook. The water below us was higher than I have ever seen it. It rushed violently over the rocks and poured into a calm pool. We winded around the rock face and down to the other side. Bunny all the while smiling and looking around with great excitement. We walked down to the waters edge. Bunny and I sat in the grass and played while The Hubs skipped rocks. We would have stayed there all morning if the bathrooms had been opened. But as it was, after a while, we made our way back to the car. I changed Bunny's diaper (the only one we had), and nursed her in the car before we left.

We drove the winding road about 15 minutes to an outlet mall. Where, with the fever at its peak, we bought a pack of gas station disposable diapers. Bunny wears cloth diapers, and I normally loath even the idea of putting her in disposables. But I didn't even care that they were cheap, plastic, "fake" diapers. We ate lunch at the Chinese buffet. Bunny ate bananas and mandarin oranges, along with organic puffs that I keep in the car. She was so pleasant the whole time. She kept looking around and smiling at us like she was so happy to be on this adventure with us. We walked the side walk at the outlet mall and window shopped. We went in the bulk foods store and bought some organic whole grain pasta and a bag of chocolate cover raisins. Then Bunny started getting sleepy, so we headed back to the car and changed her into one of the disposable diapers, nursed her, and headed home. She dozed off within minutes.

The drive home was warm and cozy. The Hubs and I chatted and Bunny slept. As we pulled into the driveway, I glanced at the clock expecting to find it late in the day. It was only 1:00pm. The rest of the afternoon was spent taking a walk, Bunny and I watching The Hubs shoot his bow, and hanging out with family. Bunny took a late nap, but got up early. So we were back on track for bedtime.

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