Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day ~ Part One

(You don't have to watch, just listen.)

As a very young girl, I can remember laying on my back looking at the clouds. Wishing that I could just reach up and touch them. Alas, my three year old arms were too small. Even if I stretched them as high as I could. I remember that my dad walked by and asked what I was doing. As he stood over me, tall and strong, I had a sudden thought. While I was small, he was big. I looked up at him and said, "Daddy, can you reach the sky?" I really believed he might do it.

When I was around nine or ten years old, my dad decided to learn to play guitar. I am not sure how much he learned, but the only song I remember him playing is A Love Without End, Amen. We would sit down every evening for weeks, singing and playing together. And then one day, we just didn't. No one was upset or anything like that. My dad is just a project guy and that project was over. As the years went by, my dad could do anything he set his mind to do.

At the age of fifteen, I realized that the only thing my dad couldn't do was let me go. I was quickly falling in love with a certain neighbor boy. Dad made it his new project to torture said neighbor boy every chance he got. Thankfully, that project ended too (well mostly). Neighbor boy became The Hubs and he and my dad actually get along really well. They do many projects together. And after Bunny was born, The Hubs told me that he understood why my dad was so hard on him. I guess it is just a dad thing. I keep having this mental image of the two of them teaming up against Bunny's future fella. Poor guy, whoever he may be.

Turns out that, not only does a father's love never end, but it actually grows and extends on into the next generation. I watch Dad holding Bunny, and I see him look at her the way he looked at me while I laid in the grass that day so many years ago. Sometimes, I think he forgets that she is not me. I am just waiting for the day when she asks him if he can reach the sky. I really believe he just might do it.

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