Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lightning Bugs And Lullabies

Last night Bunny went to bed at 8:30... She woke up at 9:45... We had been off rhythm so I think she was just in a funk about it all. Any way, I decided to just let her play for a bit and spend some time with The Hubs before putting back to sleep. After about and hour she wanted me to rock her.

At this point she started fighting sleep and there was a lot of up and down, nursing and stopping, snuggling and pushing away. So I took her out on the porch and let her watch the storm roll in from down the hollow. I rocked as she watched the glow of the lightning bugs all around us and listened to the rumbling thunder and the rain drops start to fall. Off in the distance we could see the flashes of lightning getting closer as the lightning bugs faded. The storm grew louder, but she was not afraid. She latched on and nursed forever. I laid my head on the high back on the rocking chair and soaked up the bliss of it all. Bunny's eyes grew heavy and her breathing slowed.

Finally, we went inside. We would have stayed longer, but I didn't want Bunny to catch a chill. I gathered her tan, ever growing body into my arms and carried her to our bed where she nursed some more before falling asleep at 11:45. The Hubs joined us from his shower and we all fell asleep, tangled up in each other, letting the storm be our lullaby.

I love my life.

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