Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sunscreen Safe Summer

Have you ever gotten a sunburn while wearing sunscreen? I have, and I know a lot of others have too. I always assumed that I was doing something wrong, or that the SPF wasn't high enough, or it had been too long in between applications. But this might not have been the case.

My research started just before our beach trip last summer. Bunny was not quite four months old. I had read on many different brands of sunscreen that they should not be used on a baby under six months old. On the other hand, I didn't really want to risk a bad sunburn. So my research began. I wanted to know why young babies shouldn't use sunscreen. What was the difference between four month and six month skin, to all of a sudden be able so use it? Was the sunscreen worse than sunburn itself? As our trip grew nearer, I skurried to find the answers. Then I came across an amazing amount of info at:

Things I learned:

~Turns out that some sunscreens have dangerous ingredients that can even cause skin cancer. Crazy, right? Others can contain poisonous ingredients as well as synthetic hormones. Some sunscreens claim to have a high SPF, but only protect against UVB rays, not UVA rays that are also bad (also the idea that we are protected leaves us more likely to stay in the sun too long).

~The best thing is a hat and shirt. The next is to find a good, safe sunscreen:

~Babies under six months of age SHOULD NOT WEAR SUNSCREEN, OR GET SUNBURNT. Young babies lack the melanin in their skin that protecs them. Keep them in the shade and clothed for saftey.

~Folow these saftey tips:

I am very proud to say that, at 14 months of age, Bunny has NEVER used sunscreen or gotten sunburnt (I haven't in that time either)! I keep her out of the sun or covered. And we do not go out in the heat of the day. It does take some planning, but it is so worth. I hope to continue this as long as possible.
Bunny wearing a rashguard bathing suit to keep the UVA/UVB rays at a minimum.
 Why do we all not know about this???
The FDA has been putting off making sunscreen regulations...
For over 32 years!!!

Take action!
Follow this link to sign a petition to the FDA about sunscreen regulations:

In the mean time do your own research and be safe!

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