Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back To Basics ~ Homemade Happiness

I have recently discovered my ability to use a sewing machine! I am super excited and whipped up these pillowcase dresses a couple of weeks ago. The Hubs has been begging me to make one for Bunny in camo. However, the weather is now growing colder so I decided to try a long sleeve dress this time. After searching, I found  this tutorial. It was much easier than I expected and the directions are great. The only issue I had was that I was using much larger elastic than what called for (it was all I had), and it made the sleeves very hard to sew.  I will use the smaller elastic next time.

The dress ended up being about a size 2T...

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The Hubs was all excited to dress her in it for church (Yes, Bunny wore a camo dress to church. Our church is just cool like that haha.). The dress plus a pair of brown tights, made for an awesome outfit. Simple and sweet, just the way I like things.

She must be tuckered out from hunting
with her bonoculars all day...

I went to Joann's today (probably not the best thing to do when my house could be cleaned) and I bought some more fallish flannel fabric. I am excited to see what they become...

If anyone knows of good patterns/tutorials, please link them in the comments!

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