Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Tuesday: TableTime

All through the colder months and on rainy days, we have TableTime as a part of our playschool morning routine.  We have had several mamas take this idea and use in their own homes, with their own little ones.  This is how our TableTime looks, but some families use gorgeous wooden trays.. some, no trays. Some rotate (as we do) through a few different choices, playing with each "set" for five or more minutes.  Others allow the children to pick and choose as they want.  There is no wrong way to do it!  Pinterest is a great tool to gather ideas for various little preschool-type activities.

This is what TableTime looked like today~

everyone taking their 5 minute turn... then we rotate the trays/item clock-wise one person

chalk board and colored chalk
 magnets and a variety of "metal" items 

 wooden lacing board and colorful laces

 wooden nesting owls

a wooden puzzle

Now a look at our TableTime shelf--where we keep all our TableTime actvities~


And a peek inside the bucket and the basket~

(finger puppets, toothpicks in a shaker jar, number cards, wooden acorns, magnifying glass..)

TableTime is a great learning and "keep the kids busy" part of many of our days!

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  1. A great idea! I especially love the playing for a set time, then passing along. Sharing is being taught daily around here (smile).

  2. That looks like lots of fun. I love how you have such a great mix-up of outdoor/nature learning and indoor activities.

  3. I've never heard of this idea but I love it! What a fantastic idea, plus the children learn to be patient, take turns and transition to focussing on something new when its time to switch. I'm following your lovely blog! :)

  4. I love this idea of taking turns exploring baskets! Thank you for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  5. Educational yet fun! Lovely idea to built sharing skills.

    Thanks for posting on my hedgehog cake :) x

  6. Wonderful post!! Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Your organization is brilliant.

  7. I love your organization!! Table time seems wonderful too--I might use it to introduce my kids to centers, which I plan to start soon. ;) Thanks so much for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday!!

  8. What a great idea :)An awesome assortment of activities too :)
    Thanks for sharing at this week's Kid's Co-op