Monday, June 4, 2012

A Spur of the Moment Sunday Adventure

Or.. Skipping Church to Pick Up Chicks! (tehe)

We woke up on this bright Sunday morning expecting to slowly get ready and head to the Real Life Church building for some fellowship, and worship. Just like most Sundays around here. We all hung out in the living room for a bit. The Hubs and I discussed our day while Bunny played Cannon Ball (her new favorite game where she piles all of our blankets on the floor, the drags her little chair in and jumps off of it onto the pile while shouting, you guessed it, "Cannon Ball!"). I checked my email and facebook, then got Bunny something to eat. I was about to set out clothes for her to wear, and get dressed myself, when the phone rang. We weren't sure where it was so we missed the call while wondering around the house, looking for it. The Hubs checked caller ID. It read USPS. He called back to find out that the baby chicks we had ordered from the hatchery had arrived at the post office in the next county and were ready for pickup (I didn't know that they were even open on Sundays).

This is how we rock out to praise music in the car.
"Lift up your hands and praise your Maker!"

We called my mama to let her know we'd be missing church. After getting ready and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we were on our way. We made a quick stop at Tractor Supply Co. to pick up a bag of feed, then headed over to the post office. There was some slight confusion as to what door to use since I guess it is only the warehouse/loading bay that works on Sundays. There were three other people there to pick up baby chicks also, between all of us we finally got it all figured out. Bunny was so excited to pry up the edge of the box and peek inside. "Baby kicks!", she exclaimed. We sat their box in the back seat beside her and drove home. Bunny dozed off on the way. All the peeping must have lulled her to sleep.

We got home and Bunny and I opened the box to get a better look, while her papa set up the brooder for them to live in. We had ordered 30 Rhoade Island Red chicks, and with any orders over 25, you get a free "exotic breed" chick. Ours is black with white spots on his head. Bunny took one look at him and said, "That one Cardinal!" She knows what a real cardinal is. She can ID them. They are red, not black. But apparently this little black chick is named Cardinal. The odd ball of the brood, and she loves it. I really hope it doesn't die, as there are usually a few casualties when raising chickens.

We got them in their brooder lined with wood chips with food, water, and a heat lamp. And they are happily peeping their little hearts out in our mudroom.

Baby Chick 2011
Baby Chicks 2012

How did that happen?


  1. Oh, how fun! My favorite is the little curly-haired chick!


  2. Wonderful! Look how much she's grown!!

    1. Bittersweet how much they grow in a year, isn't it?!

  3. Oh how cute- both the chicks and your daughter!

  4. Oh dear I had a pang of envy reading this post because i have really been missing our chickens recently. When our last ones passed while I was pregnant we decided not to get any more but now that my son is older I really feel they would be such a great pet. I might have to think about whether we could do it again - we have a tiny UK postage stamp sized garden

  5. wow, congrats to your 26 new additions to your family! how exciting!

  6. What wonderful pets, and how splendid for Bunny to enjoy watching them grow. My brother in law has a chook (chicken) farm here and he brought some eggs up for us to watch hatch and look after for a while. My son thought is was just amazing!

    And thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times x

  7. Awww how cute are those little chicks

  8. Oh, how fun!! Bunny must love this!! I remember hatching chicks in first grade and getting to bring them home for a weekend. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  9. Sorry I meant thank you for sharing on Happy Family Times. Not quite awake this morning I guess.

  10. Oh lovely, how lucky is she to have chicks to pet in her back garden!!My wee one would be so envious ;-)!

  11. They are all so cute, especially the blodne curly haired one :)
    Thanks for sharing on this week's Kids Co-op :)