Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Tuesday: Tie-Dyed Jean Shorts

I first saw this idea on pinterest. Then a friend of mine on facebook made some for her and her little sister, and I couldn't help myself. I simply had to make some awesome tie-dyed jean shorts for Bunny.

 Supplies: Old jeans, scissors, trash bag, dye

 Spread the trash bag out to protect your workspace.

 Lop off your jeans into shorts.
I left these about knee length.

Dye your shorts with whatever method you choose.
Bunny and Monkey helped, but I forgot to take pictures (boo).

You just spray and allow it to air dry, them tumble them in you dryer to set the color.

Once dry, we rolled up the bottoms.

See! So cute on her two year old butt!

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