Monday, July 9, 2012

Pregnancy update: 41 weeks

Life in Limbo~

At 41 weeks pregnant, "any day now" has turned into "any minute". I have been having lots of prodromal labor. Almost every evening I have regular contractions that stop when I go to bed. We continue to read Bunny books about babies and homebirth and talk about what we will do when the baby comes out. The Hubs and I tidy and clean the house every night in preparation. It can be kinda disappointing to wake up at some point in the middle of the night and realize that, once again, it was not the real thing. The good thing about prodromal labor is that it means some of the work is being done now. I am betting that when it is the real thing, I will be glad I am already part of the way there.

I got henna on my belly this weekend (finally lol). My artsy sister, Wendy, drew a whimsical tree, along with a few little designs and an acorn for Squirrely.

All those stetch marks are left over from when I was pregnant with Bunny. I have eaten much healthier and exersized this time around. At 25 lbs lighter, none of them are even the slightest bit red. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with my stretch marks. I dislike them because they are a reminder of a time in my life when I failed did not do the best I could (I know that some women get them even if they are perfectly fit, but for me, they were due to an unhealthy lifestlye). I like them because they remind me to do better. They show me how far I have come. Over time, they have slowly faded, and maybe someday they will fade even more. For now I will camoflauge them with henna and call the whole thing art.

The finished product turned out great. I am very happy with it.
Henna was the last big thing on my To Do List.

Any day now, Squirrely. Any minute.

Back to work again today.

Like mama, like daughter!

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  1. Oh, man, I can totally relate to what you're feeling right now! All of my babies have been born past their due date (from 5 days to over 41 weeks past the "due date!").

    Our babies were all born at home, and, like you, I would clean the house and make sure everything was ready every night, only to awake in the morning to find that I was still pregnant!

    My babies usually came pretty fast, and I think it's because my body had been doing a lot of the work without me even knowing I was in labor. So, that's a good thing!

    Hoping you're holding a new little one soon! :)

    1. I was a week "late" for Bunny, so I am used to that... but this prodromal labor stuff keeps one's emotions ever changing lol

  2. Hang in there, Nd enjoy these last moments :)

    Are you having a home birth?

    1. I am enjoying these last days... and looking forward to the baby too! Yes, a home birth!

    2. Yayyyyy I want all the details of how it goes. This subject has really been on my heart these days. Was your other pregnancy a home birth?

  3. You look beautiful. I can't wait to hear your birth story. My third baby came at 42 weeks so I really can commiserate. When my water broke with him I thought, "nah, he's not reallly coming." lol

    As for stretch marks. I got them with my first 2 and then none with my 3rd & 4th. Now I am getting some new ones with my 5th. Psh, I thought I was done with that but apparently you can't reuse them. haha

    Prayers for you this week!

  4. Come on SQUIRRELY!!!! Lol, sorry. I'm sure it doesn't help having someone else demand for baby to come. Praying baby comes soon!

    I understand the emotional rollar coaster. We're right there too :(

  5. Oh, I hope you're holding your sweet baby in your arms as I write this and not still 41 weeks. You look fabulous. Best wishes.

  6. You're doing great! I had daily contractions with my last for a week before she was born and once labour started it was very efficient!!

    Do as you're doing and enjoy these last days.

    Sending you a hug that all will be well


  7. That's really good your bod is kicking in and doing some laboring a bit at a time. I had none of that with Zia, just a couple days of pre-labor, and then 27 hours of INTENSE labor! I'm hoping for a bit more of the work to be done gently beforehand this time!

    You look so good, and you've taken such a good attitude toward your body. Having babies molds our self-image in a whole new way, don't you think? To think that our bodies produce such little miracles, jam-packed with life and love. Amazing!


  8. I SO remember those days of seemingly never-ending labor!! I'm sure it will be great that you're already making progress once things really get going though. Hope it's soon for you!


  9. Praying for your sweet baby to be born in God's perfect timing! Hang in there! :)

  10. You look great for being a week late. I have absolutely no idea what you are going through or what you will go through. I only made 33 weeks and that was because of bed rest. But that was the it was meant to be. I can't wait hear about Squirrely's arrival.