Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Enchanted Childhood Playschool ~ Mister Seahorse

This was our first week back from a busy summer and a lovely family vacation!  We sent several children off to school and have welcomed a new little girl, as well as a little girl who had been away from us this past year, into our playschool family.  We also have the priviledge and great fun of being the "preschool" to two four year old boys!  Rather then send them off to "school" their parents have chosen to leave them with us.  This excited us to no end since we both have a preK background and several hours of early childhood education classes!!  Hannah has a one year ECE certificate and NanaKerri has two years of ECE classes.

We started off the week with a new routine. 
It includes Circle Time, where we sing 4-5 songs and read our "book of the week"!
This week we read Eric Carle's Mister Seahorse.

We spent a little time reviewing our letter sounds and signs. 
We then focused on the letter "S" for seahorse, sand, seashells, and starfish.

In addition to a few other trays at TableTime, we added in a sea life puzzle

and a variety of sea shells!

A few days a week, we have an art project!
This week we painted sea shells...

I love how the paints and a little water I added to thin them look like colorful eggs!

And OF COURSE we left plenty of time for lots and lots of playtime, inside and out.
Playtime is the cornerstone of An Enchanted Childhood!

Arrrrr! Pirate Girls! These silkies are played with every day!

Our new little girl meeting the chickens!

Another little girl, happy to be returning to us!

 My Poppaw (which means Bunny and Squirrely's GREAT poppaw) is always teaching the little ones!
Just like he did me and my siblings!

Shadow play!


Some days they rip and run and other days they prefer walking hand-in-hand!

Yeah life is pretty good here at our little playschool!

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  1. I am right with the mother of the 4 year old boys. I would leave them with you too, it always looks such fun and this is how boys learn best, not in a classroom! Thanks for sharing your 1st week back on Country Kids.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your playschool at Sharing Creative Ideas. I love the crafts that you did with the children and have them explore nature. I almost chose ECE as my career path, I have such a soft spot for the 3's and 4's!
    Please keep sharing your ideas,
    ~ joey ~

  3. Sounds like great fun. Love the seahorses

    Found via Coombemill's country kids linky :) x

  4. I love reading about the things you do with your charges. As we live right by the beach, I'm taking The Boy down to find some shells tomorrow to paint.

    Popping over from Country Kids

  5. The seahorses are beautiful. Thanks for linking to Waldorf Wednesday!

  6. Awe so cute! What an adorable seahorse!

    Thanks for joining in with Kids Get Arty!


  7. What a great week! I love the shells and seahorse! Thank you for sharing on Sharing Saturday!!

  8. Sounds like an exciting time. I love Eric Carle books.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

  9. Oh wow the kids in your play school are so blessed to be with you! What a fun time you are having. Thanks for visiting my blog Meaghan@RaisingOurFamily

  10. What fun you have learning! I really like your seahorse! Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  11. Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  12. Oooooh, I love the paper plate seahorses!!

  13. Awww! That looks like so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing with my Super Link Party! :-)

  14. So fun! I love the paper plate seahorse and the outside play is any child's ideal. We have chickens too! Can't wait to see more fun play ideas. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!