Monday, September 3, 2012


To have a loving relationship with a sister is to have a soul mate for life! ~ Victoria Secunda


Check out my new shirt--wearing it today in honor of the National Labor Day Birth Rallies!
These sisters will know they have choices!


  1. How sweet they are! Love your shirt! I had hoped to attend a rally today but I have a yukky cold. Figured it better to keep my germs at home!

    1. The closest one to me was 2+ hours away and I had (ugg) mastitis this weekend.. so maybe next year?!

  2. Great shirt! I hope they become best friends because sisters are one of life's greatest treasures! Heading to OIB this my dates confused. Been spending time with the Hubs because he was only home for three days before he had to head out again. You know, priorities ;)