Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Season Means...

....a new routine.

This is a guide to help move us along in our daily goals.
But we are not strict, by the clock, in our approach. It is more like a flow from one activity to the next. 
If the children are involved in something they are enjoying, then we allow them more time.
But the rhythm remains the same.

...and some serious decluttering and organizing of the playschool shelves.

Bottom two shelves hold toys and the top shelf shown holds "Table Time" activities.

Bottom shelf houses cubbies with diapers and clothes for playschool children.
Next shelf up has the "good" board books (meaning the one year olds can't chew on them!),
 table time wooden trays, alphabet activties, and this month's books and related activities.
The third shelf holds resource books, vintage classic books, paper books, and our little owl collection.

I love new beginnings...
September, after a busy "summer break", after a week long family vacation and holiday weekend,
feels like a new beginning!


  1. Aren't you just the organize one! Everything looks great!

  2. Geez girl, you are so organized! I struggle every day with routine and time management. I don't know how you do it, and with a brand new baby, too!

    1. joint effort.. this is my mama's house, where we do the morning playschool hours together. we worked several hours yesterday planning, organizing, etc for the new "playschool" year!