Monday, November 5, 2012


Ever since Baby Squirrely was about a month old I have been hooping. At least learning to hoop. I never even hula hooped as a kid (so sad, right?), so I was a complete beginner.

The kiddos got really into it too.

It was a favorite afternoon activity all summer.

They all got pretty good at it.

But Bunny rocks it!

She has such a natural flow.
I am kinda jealous haha. 

In the future, I hope to write more about hopping. 
I recently bought a new ploypro hoop and am very excited to get some use out of it.
Stay tuned!

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  1. HI Mama! I have been following you blog for sometime now and wanted to give you a few recommendations. Hoopin' is not only good for your body but great for your mind! I've been hoopng/ fire dancing now for about 4 years and can't believe I did not find it sooner! My little girl is also a natural since she was very young and continues to amaze me at her natural ability to groove with the hoop. I was lucky enough to have friends to learn to hoop with, but You Tube has tons of very helpful videos and are free! Check out Hoopalicious she ROCKS it! Also, check out how to make your own hoop, its much more affordable and you can play with your own sizes and colors... Kids love making their own WEE hoops! Happy Hoopin'!!

    1. Thanks! I have been watching some youtube, but haven't seen her. I'll have to check it out. Fire dancing looks awesome, but kinda scares me lol. We are hoping to make some hoops soon!

  2. I'm visiting from Happy Whimsical Hearts. I love this! It's great exercise! I need to get out my hula hoop! I hope you'll link up at my new Eco-Kids Tuesdays. This post would be perfect:

  3. You go girl... I can't use a hoola hoop to save my life! Used to do it when I was a kid... but, man, haven't been able to since! Found you through the Organic Aspirations Linky!

  4. What great fun! My friends and I tried hoola hooping the other day and couldn't do it at all! Was nice remembering the fun we used to have with it though! Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times x

  5. I featured your post on this week's Eco Kids Link-up at Organic Aspirations. I pinned it too: Thanks for sharing!