Monday, December 10, 2012

A Good Tree ~ Not A Poor Tree

We may have picked a bad day to go get out Chrsitmas tree. It was wet, and rainy, but we had already told Bunny, so there was no going back.

We got to the green house and decided to snoop around inside for a bit.

Waiting for the rain to let up.

Papa talking to the owner about local produce. 

"What tree you like, Papa?... I like dis one!"

Us girls waiting on the men folk to load up our tree!

Jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone

"Lets go! It raining on us!"

One nice thing about living next door to my parents, is that we share things back and forth all the time. So we borrowed my dad's truck for the day.

Sweet sisters, holding hands with the tree in the back.

Yay! Papa got the tree up!

Bunny, explaining the happenings to Squirrley.

Helping decorate.

I love how even her braids curl up on the ends! 

We can only touch with ONE FINGER!

"Hark the Herald, Angels Sing... Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!" 

Note to self: NEVER leave the room with a two year old with a popcorn and hot cocoa picnic set up... Not even for a second.
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  1. That last picture is brilliant, two year olds don't you just love em!

  2. I'd be the one to spill the popcorn...ahem. Lovely tree!

  3. I LOVE your tree, and the popcorn scene looks like my house.