Saturday, December 8, 2012

An Enchanted Childhood Playschool ~ December 3rd-7th ~ Nocturnal Animals

We continued our "study" of owls and other nocturnal animals this week!
We read Owl Babies, a long time favorite with the children!
After reading it, the children made fingerprint owls!
(another Pinterest idea!)

While most of the children were content with the three fingerprints representing the three owl babies,
Bunny insisted on adding in the mama....

...because afterall this is her favorite page, when the mama owl comes home!

We read Batbaby and then made bat finger puppets. 
We used some bats from Halloween to practice counting!

see the little slits on the bats' midsections... double slits to weave your finger in and back out!

We love this book, Lights Out, Night's Out. 
The mama of one of our former children gifted us with this great book!

Once-in-a-while, we like to line coloring pages up by age just to see the developmental growth!
top row ages: 25 months, 32 months, 34 months
bttom row: 34 months, 4 yrs 3 months, and 4 yrs 9 months

On Friday, we let Katie (15) take over the Creative Time! 
She thought up this cute Nocturnal Animal craft!

Bird watching is a favorite activity around here. And apparently so is bird feeder filling! 
All the children lined up to watch Katie fill the feeders!

We were happy to have some Outside Time this week.  We headed to the garden to check on the cool weather crops that Poppaw John has planted!  We were able to feed the chickens some kale, as well as have kale and spinach for ourselves!

Working together to try to push the tree over!

The next two weeks will be Christmas at An Enchanted Childhood Playschool!

The books we read each week will be featured on the Amazon widget in the sidebar on your right.  If you purchase a book through this link, I hopefully (not so far, but maybe someday) will make a few cents!

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  1. I love your crafty work to support your books and outdoor time. I have started incorporating craft ideas into my Country Kids posts, collecting things from our time outdoors as you have really inspired me! Thank you for the ideas and for linking up!

  2. I love the idea to line up the coloring pages to see the progress!

  3. Lovely as always! The children are very lucky to have such a creative teacher! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas plans in action!
    ~ joey ~

  4. I have reviewed Owl Babies for the Children's Bookshelf this week! I love that book, your pictures are better than mine.

  5. Owl Babies is one of our favorites! Thanks for linking up to TCB.

  6. That really is a lovely book. Love your Owl Babies art :-)

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  7. Feel free to share your post and link it up @ Learn and Link Have a great weekend!

  8. When the mom comes home is my favorite part, too! Cute activities.

  9. Your puppets are so cute! I like the idea of looking at the coloring progression too.

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I will be sharing this on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page today.

  10. What great activities and subject to study! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  11. Awesome pictures and great activities! I love your header picture. It is so precious!!! Thank you for linking up with Weekend Link Up Party. Sadly, I am placing it on hold for a season to spend more time with my family. But I hope to see you around the blog hops! Have a Merry Christmas!