Monday, December 3, 2012

How I *Do Not* Do It All

Every now and then someone poses the question to me, "How do you do it all?
Well, in all honesty, I don't... No really, I don't.
I am not trying to sound modest or anything. I just really don't do everything that it seems like I do.
I can't. There is no way I could successfully do everything I would love to do.
Truth be told, I get a little help... Well, sometimes a lot of help.
You guys might know her as my mama or Nana Kerri.
She is a big part of my life and of my family's lives.
The best things I have in my life are not just mine. They are ours. Mine and hers.
She helps me, someway, in nearly everything I do. This blog is no different.


Though mama and I are not exactly the same in every way,
we do seem to each be one side of the same brain.
I am very much right brain. I dream and doodle ideas and make messes and create.
And she, the left brain, plans and checks off lists and organizes and accomplishes.
I am blessed to have her as my mentor, manager, editor, representative, executive assistant, and partner. If it wasn't for her, I would be bumming around, making something every so often, then writing about it but making so many spelling mistakes that I would at some point get bored trying to perfect it and publish it with many typos and flaws. Or even just leave it as a draft and never publish it due to the typos and flaws.

Mama keeps me focused. She keeps me productive.
So no, while it is true that I do the creative, crafty stuff on this blog and while I do every thing I write about doing, I do not, in fact, do everything that goes along with keeping up a blog. Mama writes the Enchanted Playschool posts.  She posts pictures to Picasa along with me and helps me choose ones for various posts.  She edits my work.

Some days, I can't even keep my head on straight. She does.

Maybe someday when I don't have so much to do with littles I will take over her roles, but most likely not. Like I said, the best thing I have are ours. I know for a fact that this blog would be in ruins if it wasn't for her. I am, after all, the right brain. And she is the left. I need people to understand that. I need others to know that NO, as a 22 year old WAHM to two little ones, I do NOT do it all. 
Now that we have that settled, I wanted to talk a little bit about my hopes and dreams for the future.
I love writing. Blogging has so far been my best outlet for this passion. My head would be far too full of every little thought and idea that I share here, without it. I would like to, someday soon, begin taking on sponsors for Like Mama ~ Like Daughter. People and places with like minded ideas that would want to advertise here. I would love to set up some sort of barter system for ad space in return for goods and products. If anyone is interested in something like that, let me know!

In the back of my mind, I have big ideas of writing a book. I have this fantasy of The Adventures of Bunny and Squirrel. A series of books about two young sisters, and the adventures they share while growing up in the country. Ahh... Yes, I will always go back to dreaming of that...

I have many more dreams as well. Some of which I am sure I will forget about tomorrow. Others that I have bee dreaming of so long, that I cannot imagine them happening someday. These dreams include, but are not limited to: At least a couple more babies (in a few years), traveling and exploring, pursuing my passion of helping women and babies, becoming more self sufficient, and much, much more...

Exciting times, I tell ya!


  1. Real women do not "do it all" and admit that we get help guessed....other women.

  2. LOVE it! You are so lucky to have your mom helping you with so many things on this blog. Both of your hard work shows!